Remedies Engineering Services sources and coordinates delivery of high-quality materials and services to industrial operations in Ghana and beyond. Our supply chain management team, which includes sourcing, logistics, and contracting specialists, works to ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct are maintained in all their operations.

We consistently seek out the best products at the most competitive prices. Our dedicated procurement team ensures our sources meet the very highest standards of efficiency, cost control, customer service and quality.

We store and deliver your spare parts, you save costs

In the scope of Remedies we store your spare parts at our central warehouse, guaranteeing fast and reliable delivery. This will substantially cut your costs for warehousing and logistics, money that you will be able to invest in other, productive purposes. With our obsolescence solutions we take over responsibility for your spare parts supply across the entire lifecycle of your systems.

Benefits and highlights

  • Custom-tailored spare parts supply scheme
  • Availability of the contractually specified spare part
  • Manufacture high cost of your OEM Spare at same quality and low cost through our affiliates in China and Europe.

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  1. Power Tools                             7. Industrial Valves
  2. Synchronize Timing Belts                 8. Breakers
  3. Conveyor Belts
  4. Belt bonding Machines
  5. All type of bearing
  6. Electrical motors