Remedies undertakes services in mechanical ,we help you to design your plant for maximum efficiency.



At Remedies we work with you right from the beginning, sharing our knowledge with you to strive for the best results. We use our engineering expertise, extensive processing experience and application knowledge, and a distinct understanding of how our industry-leading technologies and equipment performs, to install your plant, quickly and effectively.

Keeping installation easy to use

Remedies service is designed to work together, with each technology complementing the next in the processing line, to create complete turnkey systems. We will help you to select the right equipment and design the most suitable plant layout to maximize efficiency and operability in a safe working environment. We will supply a broad scope of expertise, reducing complexity and risk, giving you better cost control and accelerating your launch.

There when you need us

By directly involving the service teams during installation and commissioning we make sure that your plant is tailored specifically. We are always ready, whenever and wherever you need us, with highly qualified teams that provide the technical support you need.



Understanding is the key

It’s all about understanding: Getting acquainted with the equipment, your production process and what you want to get from your plant. By bringing these key elements together, we ensure the safe and efficient commissioning of your equipment and plant for optimal performance, from day one.

The experience you need

Our highly skilled, Remedies technicians understand the engineering and have unrivalled experience in both the upstream and downstream processes. This allows them to set up your equipment and process lines in the most effective way, for maximum safety, reliability and top quality production output.

From single machines to turnkey plants.

We provide commissioning for single pieces of equipment, skids, production lines and complete plants. Our technicians have access to all OEM documentation enabling them to integrate a wide variety of equipment to work smoothly and reliably together, providing you with optimal performance.


Fast response from Remedies engineers

Remedies service technicians are available, around the clock, to make sure that a breakdown doesn’t become a meltdown! Wherever you are, our skilled technicians will be with you, getting you up and running again quickly and safely – minimum down time, maximum productivity.

Repairs on-site or at our workshops

We can carry out repairs on-site. All our service technicians are highly trained, experienced in a wide range of equipment, and work with efficiency, precision and absolute accountability to the highest possible standards. They use special diagnostic equipment to identify faults quickly and accurately and original spare parts to maintain the quality of your equipment. In some instances we can supply replacement units to keep your production running while repairs are carried out off site.

24/7 responsiveness and technical support

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Our technical support teams are available to help you resolve a problem.


The ability to predict puts you in control

Predictive maintenance from Remedies monitors the operation and performance of defined equipment in your plant. Combining this information with the experience of the Remedies technicians, allows you to optimize your maintenance activities and related costs.

Bringing more insight and performance to you

With our Team we can support you in developing a reliability-centered maintenance program (RCM program). This will help you identify the optimum levels of maintenance for your equipment and plant. Remedies visualizes a clear health check of each machine. It uses data analytics and simulation models to build up a digital map of your plant allowing you to pick out the abnormal from the normal and take action when it is required. Limiting intervention in this way, minimizes maintenance costs and down time, while ensuring that the plant runs at optimum output at all times.


Prevention is always better than cure. Our experienced service engineers will plan the maintenance of your entire plant to avoid breakdowns and keep costs down.

Scheduled maintenance for your equipment and plant

Every plant is different, so our service engineers will assess your maintenance needs and ensure that all machine parts are repaired or replaced at exactly the right time. This way you will avoid unscheduled breakdowns, ensure safety and reliability, keep costs down and extend your equipment and plant’s lifetime. A well maintained plant also helps you to optimize the quality of your final product.

Your success is our goal. The training, precision and commitment of our highly qualified service technicians helps to make sure that your equipment and plant operates at its optimum level throughout its life cycle.

Remedies preventive maintenance includes

  • Periodic inspections and audits
  • Time and condition based maintenance
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Calibration services
  • Spare part planning for scheduled maintenance


Exceptional project management experience from Remedies

Whether your project is large or small, our service project managers will use the experience they have gained in your application and from hundreds of projects in the food, beverage, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical and other related industries to provide efficient, cost-effective management from problem analysis and installation to commissioning and performance verification.

Fast return on investment

By providing expertise in critical path analysis, project planning and budgeting, our project management team can advise you on the most efficient execution of even the most complex projects. With up to date knowledge of all safety and hygiene requirements, we can help with engineering design, project management and logistics, to ensure your projects are completed on budget on- time. This means that you can start to realize your investment as quickly as possible.

We also provide resident engineers to supply permanent on-site maintenance support where necessary.