Filling & Packaging Systems

From raw bulk materials discharge to filling and packaging finished product in the container, Sachet or SUP of your choice Remedies, a local Rep. to many foreign vendors’ orders and install the most appropriate equipment to suit your product handling requirements. Remedies has a specializing in the field of filling and packaging applications, offering a full servicing, maintenance and installation and start-up service in Ghana and beyond. Remedies core business is servicing and maintenance of a range of filling and packing lines that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Remedies has technical men that are expert in the ff. machines,

  1. Universal Pack
  2. Rovema filling machine
  3. Schumacher filling machine
  4. Wolf filling machine
  5. Bosch filling Machine etc.

In addition to offering state-of-the-art seam monitoring and tooling equipment, we also provide beverage brands with a tailored technical training program on the very latest in seaming technologies. Training programs can be customized to your needs and your location. Our technical service teams offer customized courses on-site sessions with service teams and our technical partners can also be coordinated at your own locations.

Remedies Service department will come to your facility to help with any of the following:

Complete Can-Line Trouble-Shooting and Repairs.

One of our team members will come into your facility and perform yearly audits on your complete canning line, to keep you informed of the condition of all your can handling equipment. The yearly audits will help keep you prepared before you are met with any surprises. If any issues are to arise, our team members can also trouble shoot and repair your equipment.

Custom Plant Preventative Maintenance Program designed specifically for each plant or for the entire company.  Proper Preventative Maintenance will prolong the life of all your canning equipment.

In-Plant Seamer Audits, Repairs and Rebuilds.

Assist with Can Seamer and Filler Change Overs.

Seaming and Tooling Consulting. Our expert team can work with you to make sure you are running the proper tooling for your applications.

– Custom In-Plant Seamer Training. Our team will teach your mechanics how to set seams, perform seamer maintenance work and seamer trouble shooting.